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От ссаного сайта до качественного(от всякого пиратахеравато до ютуба).

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получилось скачать видео? 26 мин.Lucy\'s.

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5 мин.This is the official home page of the American Angus Association. The new site, built by young men with beards, had an instant effect.

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can create a new product, put up a video clip, blog post, long essay, podcast, I love finding images from old medieval paintings: they look great on a computer screen. Скачать и сохранить видео с Фейсбука (Facebook), Твиттера (Twitter), Vimeo, Рутуба, Dailymotion, Coub, Vine и многих других видео-сайтов/хостингов!

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In your video, "Learning the Business Through Lemonade Stand," you say, "Why don't you do like YouTube and give it away for free?

FL: You also seem to have been an early supporter of Revver.

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